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A better learning experience for college students

Education Furniture for Better Learning Experience

An individual can keep studying his or her all life, and yet it may seem that more can be learned and implemented in our lives. While some people think that your ‘studying years’ are over once you finish your school curriculum, majority of us forget that a student practices the skills and learning into action when he or she enters college.

An adolescent ascends a little further in life during the college years, given the fact they pursue courses of their choice and start a new phase that leads them to their career. Often, the importance of college is overshadowed; so is the importance of their furniture that exists in the premises. The need of the hour is to enhance the old dusted college classrooms and breathe a new life in them. It is believed that students have shown better productivity and efficiency whenever there is a minute change in the equipment they use. Administrators need to understand that good furniture plays a major role in making academic learning a better experience for the students. Being aware of the fact that students spend majority of their time sitting and learning, it is imperative that we take care of their basic needs too.

The team of Popcorn Furniture, being India’s leading school furniture manufacturer, decided to go a step further. We came up with furniture that aids basic needs and wants of the students, providing innovation and convenience together!

Different College Furniture Models

To start from the basics, the team has come up with collaborative seating arrangements that elevates group discussions, exchange of ideas and saves a lot of space in your classroom. The collaborative seating layout is the future of school and college furniture, hence adapting such classroom look would not be such a bad decision.

Further, we have put our focus on tablet chairs; a creative way to provide each student his or her own personal space to function in. Not only it has ample of space to put your things on the table, but also helps in improving body posture. Our tablet chairs are available in many designs and colors to choose from, something not to miss out on.

Laboratories are in the trend these days; hence your college lab equipment should be up to date too! From chemistry laboratories to composite activity performing rooms, we have it all. Our articles are coated with non-toxic epoxy paints that are chemical resistant.

Our assistances do not just limit them to basic college classroom furniture; we aim higher than something just basic. Therefore, Popcorn Furniture has some of the best furniture to offer for other departments such as libraries, cafeteria, auditoriums et cetera. Meeting the ergonomic standards, Popcorn Furniture continues to be oldest and best furniture supplier in India.

Are you willing to give a new look to college premise and enhance the learning experience for students? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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