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Art room & its importance

School years are considered to be the best ones; students learn, grow and develop their personality in their own ways. Often, people are of the view that schools or academies enhance a child’s education by just teaching what is need to be taught by carrying out other related activities. In fact, majority of the schools follow the same concept. But we are forgetting the other departments in a school that play a crucial role in advancing a child’s brain. 


No, we do not mean computer labs or libraries (they are important too though). We want to highlight the importance of art rooms in an academic institution. Several toddlers grasp the talent of drawing, coloring and painting in kindergarten, but the habit gets lost in the process of learning algebra and geography. By following our traditional ways, we overlook the importance of other factors that might have a great and positive impact in a child’s education. 

Now even if schools provide an art room and some specific allotted periods to their students to advance their drawing and sketching skills, children often lose interest mid-way. Do you know the reason?

It is usually due to lack of appropriate art room furniture. Just like you need appropriate net for playing badminton, or a good ball for playing basketball, one needs the correct ambience and furniture in an art room to perform his or her skills. The basic furniture, yet the most important one, that makes a huge difference are desks and chairs. 

A place where students do not verbally communicate, but show their emotions beautifully, it is imperative to have the right furniture in an art room in order to elevate their talents and capabilities. 

We at Popcorn Furniture have put ourselves in the shoes of the students and understood the importance of good art room furniture in any school. Hence, with much hard work and brainstorming of creative ideas, we have come up with some innovative and fun art room furniture that will be just right for your pupils to work with. Keeping in mind that the most basic furniture, that is desks and chairs, are required to be more comfortable with good quality; the team has created various types of art tables that give a child ample of space to create something unique and attractive. Some of the best inventions would by a trolley art table, providing free will to the student to do anything and meet the new industrial needs.

In addition to these amazing tables and comfy chairs, we have come up with several creative shelves and art storage furniture, where students can freely keep their personal belongings and other stuff. To add more fun, we have an art room trolley as well that stores all the drawing sheets, cases for holding brushes, paints et cetera.  

Already excited to change your art room? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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