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Benefits of Group Studying

When we hear the word ‘modern classroom ‘, we suddenly picture a school premise with efficient and trendy furniture, consisting of collaborative seating, new desks and chairs, shelves and lockers to store books and notebooks, et cetera. The modern classroom is very different now than it was decades ago. Log gone are the days where students used to have wooden long-sharing desk with attaches seats, with faces upfront and eyes glued to the blackboard. These days, a modern school class room has tablets, dry-erase walls, and even couches! In addition to these fun improvements, there has been a steady growth in students’ education and development of other skills; one can see children being more involved and collaborative. 

Along with these changes, something that has gained popularity is ‘group studying’. No, we are not talking about friends getting together in one house and studying together; we are talking about group studying taking place within the school premise! Several studies carried out numerous researches have concluded that a well-run study group accelerates learning if children faster than them taking down notes on paper. 

Some of advantages of group studying are mentioned below:

  1. Faster learning: It is certain that kids learning in groups will comprehend things faster than studying alone. When someone stumbles upon a problem, everyone present in the group can help him or her out easily. 
  2. A positive change: It helps breaking the ordeal and monotony; it brings in a new enthusiasm amongst students to learn and study better. 
  3. Getting ready for the future beforehand: Consider group studying as a practice for the real world; when you come across a difficult situation, you can easily discuss it with your friends, enhancing you communication and comprehending skills. It boosts one’s social skills and helps develop ‘team spirit’ characteristic. 

Hence, it’s essential to buy the right kind of furniture for your classroom so learners can be set up for success in academics and relationships. 

Popcorn Furniture, your one-stop shop for buying school furniture and accessories, has it all covered for you! Popcorn’s range of collaborative seating is a breakthrough in design, free to body movements, easing out the process of interaction. The collaborative seating is where innovation meets mechanism, creating furniture that meets the needs of the present generation. Not only it promotes group studying, but also makes it easier for the students to feel free and comfortable in the classroom. Collaborative seating arrangements are also available for kindergarten premises as well! Our team and designers aim for nothing but providing and offering the best to the toddlers and students.

We bet this blog made you think about the importance of group studying and collaborative seating altogether. Are you willing to change your old boring classroom arrangements and revive the learning spirit? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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