sanitization checklist for schools
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Sanitization Checklist for Schools

A place where majority of students spend most of their time is school or educational institution; the only fundamental premises where a child’s mental and physical state and well-being is formed, shaped and dev...

provision of hygiene services
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Provision of Hygiene Services: Future of education depending on sanitization solutions

Schools and colleges worldwide are trying to gradually uplift the COVID-19 restrictions by developing sanitization infrastructure and keeping a regular check of the deadly virus within the premises. While peopl...

sanitization practices in schools
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Sanitization Practices in Schools: How its importance has enhanced

When asked about mentioning something negative or an area of improvement for the schools, majority of Indian parents and their enrolled children point out only one problem: poor sanitization. Despite many gover...

Ensure The Best Health For Academic Stakeholders
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Water, Sanitation And Hygiene Service – Ensure The Best Health For Academic Stakeholders

Provision of safe water and sanitation facilities in educational institutions is a great opportunity towards living in a healthy learning environment. However, it has been observed that many schools in the deve...

Classroom re imagined
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Classroom re imagined: New back-to-school requirements during COVID-19

Those days are not very far when schools will resume regular classes and all the academic stakeholders will get back to the new normal lifestyle with all the safety precautions. COVID19 is going to stay and chi...

Infrared Thermal Solution
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Infrared Thermal Solution – Benefits, Features And Specification

Amid the outbreak of coronavirus, fever, dry cough and breathing trouble are some of the symptoms. These days wherever we go, be it hospital, shopping mall, offices or airports – we see our temperatures a...

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How classroom furniture affects student performance

Every day, children tend to spend around 9 long hours at their desk in the classroom and  most of the times, the desks and chairs are not suitable for their body height. Although educational institutions a...

schools reopen
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Schools reopen from October 15

The outbreak of COVID – 19 has shaken the world to its core. Not only has it created a threatening wave to the mankind, but has also stunted the sectors of economy, education, household, et cetera of many count...

Dr. Anuradha
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On March 23rd began the first Lockdown, followed by a series, thus slamming shut the school gates (for five long months and counting now). Educators began raising concerns around school closure possibly doing m...

I Love You
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I Love You

Download Book Now Thank You Note to the author We would like to thank Author Michael Rossand illustrators Bruno Iradukunda for letting us publish their book on our website. The book will provide kn...