cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting schools
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Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Schools: Preparing the educational institutions for future

The schools are ready to welcome their students and faculty back to the premises for the upcoming school year. The halted academic activities of the children and toddlers have created a desperate need of rejuvenating the education sector as soon as possible to improve the already-damaged educational outcomes. The authorities are considering sanitization as an important aspect for re-opening schools and colleges. However, with the ongoing battle with COVID-19, various hygiene practices are required to be implemented in order to create an enabling environment for everyone.

This new infrastructural development brings many challenges along with it. In addition to school classrooms and other departments, it is necessary to disinfect the school buses as well in order to reduce the spread of this deadly virus amongst the young ones. Numerous plans and strategies have been created by the schools to prepare themselves for the new normal. 

cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting schools

First things first, face covering will be declared mandatory for students and teachers, whenever they are present in the school or college area. As the virus stays in air for several hours, it is important to cover the face with a mask to avoid unwanted illness. Moreover, the norms of social distancing will be practiced at a very high rate. Be it classrooms, assemblies, play grounds, et cetera, strict rules regarding social distancing would be followed. In addition to these basic safety measures, disinfecting of large and highly-touched areas will also be done. The focus of the school security staff will be more on surfaces that are very common to human contact and can spread the novel coronavirus easily. Moreover, training of staff on how to use disinfectant subsidiaries will be carried out as well. 

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