Difference between Sanitization and Disinfection: the current necessity for educational institutions

We often assume that sanitization and disinfection has the same significance, given that both of these terms mean cleaning or making a place hygienic. But these two words have much to understand about.

To briefly explain, one can say that the process of disinfecting comes under the terminology of sanitization. Disinfecting anything requires the use of chemicals, commonly known as disinfectants, to make a place or a surface germ free. It basically involves massive destruction of virus or bacteria in order to avoid the contact of these harmful germs with a human being’s skin. Disinfectants usually consist of high concentration of string chemicals or alcohol solutions that are left on a surface of a period of time to make it disinfectant for a longer period. 

Difference between Sanitization and Disinfection

When we talk about sanitization, it includes the two types of hygiene practices, i.e. cleaning and disinfecting. In other words, the process of sanitization implies that the quantity of concentrated, strong solutions is reduced to lower the number of germs around you. Process of sanitization varies on your needs and situations as well.

Unlike sanitization, the practices and method of disinfecting is not applicable on human skin, as the strong and highly concentrated alcohol solutions are not suitable for living skin and may cause infections, allergies and irritation. Therefore, disinfection is only for non-living surfaces. 

As the novel coronavirus has imposed the new normal on us, it has changed the inevitable. With this deadly disease being on the top of our stress-list, numerous universities, colleges, schools and institutes have adapted many sanitization and disinfection services, to make the academic premises danger free. The halted education sector for more than 5 months has provoked a sudden need of increased educational activities, not only for students, but for the school faculty as well. In such scenarios, the need of the hour is a safe, virus free environment for everyone in the near future. Currently, professional cleaning services are given more importance by educational institutes than any other task. It is necessary for these schools and universities to prioritize these safety measures so that students and teachers in future stay safe in a comfortable ambience. 

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