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Disinfection Services to Prevent Flu and Other Diseases

The outbreak of COVID-19 has helped to develop a sense of awareness amongst the educational stakeholders. With safety and sanitization as their priority, many schools, universities and institutes have taken numerous steps to ensure a safe and ‘disease –free’ environment; not only for students, but for the faculty as well.

It is not just coronavirus that has become a worrisome issue for all of us; rising cases of flus and other diseases have also topped the list. Deadly illnesses such as swine flu, influenza, et cetera have the capability to attack infants and children faster than adults.

With education sector being at its worst state, schools are not provided with enough technologically advanced sanitization tools, water purifiers, et cetera to ensure a disinfectant school premises for everyone. As children spend majority of their time in their educational institutions, it is the need of the hour to provide a clean and sanitized surrounding. From classroom door knobs to the desks and seats available for the children, it is important to carry out routinely sanitization practices, not only to control the deadly virus outbreak, but also to re-create a healthy school ambience. It is the responsibility of the respective school to provide germ free environment to its educational stakeholders and staff for a better and safe future. Besides, taking care of everyone’s hygiene should be the top-most priority

Popcorn Furniture aspires to understand your needs and provide a safe and virus – free school furniture and school – related other supplies. Keeping in mind how the new normal has changed our daily life norms, Popcorn Furniture brainstormed ideas and has decided to expand its services in order to fulfill your necessities, i.e. offer best and professional disinfectant services. The ultimate goal is not to just offer school supplies, but to also design and frame our services that suit you the best.

From herbal non-toxic disinfectant services to infrared thermal solution, Popcorn Furniture has prepared handpicked sanitization practices as per your need. Our professional disinfectant services comes with Silver – Nano technology (AgNi), that makes highly-touched areas such as railings, doors corridors virus and disease-free. Antimicrobial surface treatments, one of our best and most effective cleaning methods, ensures to kill 99.9% of germs from surfaces, keeping the educators and children danger-free for almost 90 days. Not only does it reduces the risk of spreading flus or infections, but also forms a protective coating that does not get wiped-out easily.

Besides offering professional disinfectant services to schools, Popcorn Furniture aims to prioritize the health and safety of the academic stakeholders, hence, also provides UVC solutions such as UV Sterilizer along with Large Area Coverage UV Sterilizer that sanitizes and disinfects highly touched areas, as well as large area, making it an ideal and easy use for the school faculty.

Are you willing to know more about these solutions which can make your school environment safe and secure? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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