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Ease your body pain with Popcorn Furniture!

What is the first thought that pops up in your mind when you hear the word ‘office life’? We are sure you all are thinking about people with work pressure and loads of back pain. The outside world is of the view that corporate people lead a different lifestyle; hard work, stress and body aches. Mostly, they are right. It is like a fact that cannot be denied.

Data collected from various researches and studies says the same. The rule to sit 9-5 on an office chair can create many unwanted health issues. Experts suggest regular intervals between the works, practicing some yoga positions, et cetera. Yet, somehow, this problem persists, increasing every day. Now that work from home is the new normal, sitting at home and performing your assignments has increased the issue of back pain.

However, an alternate solution can be usage of good furniture. How, you ask? Dilemmas of back and body aches usually occur due to bad body postures. Sitting in one position for hours because grave health issues, which id enrooted in us for a long time now. The need of the hour is to find ergonomic office furniture that provides comfort and easiness.

Popcorn Furniture is here to make it easier for you! The team has introduced office furniture series, crafted with love, hard work and efforts. Our administrator furniture is designed to provide nothing but comfort!

For starters, Popcorn Furniture has come up with work stations, an ideal way to promote communication amongst the employees and increase work in an efficient manner. In case of basic furniture, the team has an array of chairs and desks to choose from. We promise you, the cost efficient furniture by us will not disappoint you! Being the largest furniture supplier and manufacturer in India, the team of Popcorn Furniture aims to create and design furniture that consists of ergonomic standards, that is, helps forming a good ambience for the co-workers.

Why should you choose Popcorn Furniture for your office? We provide customization services! That’s right. Keeping our clients happy is our first priority. Therefore, we went a step further and came up with personalization assistances. Not only will it provide complete comfort to your employees, but also improve the work proficiency! Keeping in mind the pains every worker has to go through, we decided to give the people an option to design the comfort for themselves.

Your ideas; our implementation!

Some of the other office furniture offered by our team is office shelves, meeting tables, admin desks, et cetera. We also have conference room furniture; a set of articles perfect enough to make your conference rooms more interesting and attractive.

Do yourself and your employees a favor, get office furniture that helps in reducing back pains and increases the desire the work happily! Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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