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Ergonomic classroom set-up

A school is not just a faculty teaching its students; it takes much more than a blackboard and a chalk to form a child’s future. In addition to school books and notebooks, it is imperative that good quality furniture is included in your plan as well.

Educational institutions upgrade and modify their curriculum on a regular basis in order to meet the new levels and standards of Education. However, they do not pay much attention to the classroom furniture and its arrangement, let alone the classroom furniture being ergonomic. An ergonomic classroom means arranging the furniture in a room in an efficient manner that offers convenience to the students and teachers. Classroom furniture must be designed in a way that fits the children, allows them a lot of movement and encourage a good posture. Many studies conducted by the experts show that movement in classroom plays an important part in seating and leaning habits, thus having major impact on students understanding learning.

It is high time that schools, educational institutions and academies change the ritual of buying old boring desks and chairs, change their perspective and focus on buying the right school furniture and essentials, which will enhance its overall brand image. If we dig deeper, it is very much evident that purchasing of good quality school or classroom furniture can do wonders for any academic institution. But, how can one choose and buy the best school furniture in India? 

That’s when Popcorn Furniture comes to the rescue! Popcorn Furnitures is a prominent school furniture manufacturer in India that offers academic institutions with customised and comprehensible school furniture and decor equipment. Starting from sketching the primary plans, finalising order details to final shipment – the team of Popcorn Furniture aims to offer a hassle-free experience for their customers. From the last two decades, Popcorn is appreciated for their relentless efforts to revolutionise the idea of modern furniture by adding smart dynamics to it.

From single and double desks to variety of teachers’ essentials, Popcorn Furniture offers can be your one-stop shop for all your needs. We provide nothing but the best; with efficiently designed furniture that functions for a longer period of time, increase the level of brand image of your school. The school furniture designed by Popcorn are customised and they provide the best learning environment for children. Popcorn school furniture supports the healthy and interactive growth of kids in a learning environment without compromising comfort and safety. With the blend of innovation, technique and high-quality materials, Popcorn creates furniture that is not only are highly-functional but also adds up a great quotient of elegance in the learning space. Popcorn Furniture not just only provides classroom furniture, but also reliable and ideal essentials for other department of schools such as art rooms, libraries, and laboratories.

Are you ready to explore Popcorn Furniture’s school series yet? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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