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How classroom furniture affects student performance

Every day, children tend to spend around 9 long hours at their desk in the classroom and  most of the times, the desks and chairs are not suitable for their body height. Although educational institutions are upgrading their curriculum regularly, they do not pay much attention to the classroom furniture. We at Popcorn furniture strongly feel that the classroom furniture should fit the children, help them with their movement and finally encourage a good posture. Finally all these factors have a significant impact on student’s learning and can contribute immensenly to improve their performance.

For example, the conventional wooden desks and benches that students sit on are not suitable for their body structure. The children may of same age group, but one must remember their physical growth varies from one another and hence one common desk or bench may not fit them. Hence, furniture that are specially designed from Popcorn furniture are suitable for every child in the classroom.

Here is the list of important things to keep in mind while selecting furniture for school.

Comfort and durability

School chairs and desks are often uncomfortable and can wear off easily. The body types and growth of students is different so, just choosing just one type of student table and chair may quite be challenging.

For example, school furniture that is adjustable, comfortable and durable provides the schools the chance to change their furniture to meet the different requirements of students. If furniture is adjustable and durable, schools can purchase just one set of furniture that is suitable for all sizes of students and this way they can save a lot of money.

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Supportive and Functional

The complete learning environment of a school should support learning and keep students comfortable and focused.  The school furniture should also be functional and supportive in nature so that students can concentrate on their studies and not feel uncomfortable.

For example, chairs that are flexible and ergonomic in nature can support the natural body movement of a child and their varying postures like bending and leaning. When you choose school chairs, you need keep the ergonomic principles in mind.  Moreover, portable chairs that can be quickly moved and easily arranged at different places is the best. Popcorn furniture has different types of furniture for classes that are built for the comfort of students.

Flexible & Adjustable

These days’ classrooms are becoming more dynamic and the furniture that you choose for your classroom should match the dynamic and adapting learning styles. With the changing styles of teaching, there is always a need for free flowing classrooms where teachers and students can easily move around and use their spaces accordingly. Hence, flexible and adjustable classroom furniture are required.

For example, furniture that are lightweight, adjustable and flexible will ensure that the classrooms can be used for adaptable learning methods. With these kinds of furniture, students at different levels will be able to utilize one classroom in an easy manner.

When you invest in school furniture that is customized for your unique teaching methods, you can always create a healthy learning environment.

Popcorn furniture has always helped provide the right kind of furniture that schools require. We have a wide range of school furniture that meets every need that your school may have.

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