Hygiene, safety & sanitation-guidelines-for-schools-re-opening

Schools should try to provide and increase proper ventilation – Schools should keep windows and doors open to increase ventilation and airflow. They need to also take care that they avoid the use of air conditioners as that may increase the chance of spread of virus.

For example– A popular school has special staff assigned to inspect whether all the windows and doors are kept open and if there is good ventilation and airflow in the school.

Schools should post signs encouraging good hand and respiratory hygiene practices. Proper hand hygiene is one of the most significant steps in avoiding getting sick and it becomes more important during Covid 19 times. Washing hands is important in schools to keep students and staff healthy. Hence, it is quite important for schools to use signage and posters at proper places that communicate good hand and hygiene practices.

For example – A popular school in Hyderabad had made children draw and paint posters where it communicated how hygiene was important.


Schools should ensure certain specific procedures when children or staffs are unwell. Schools should establish a specific procedure where they can separate sick children and staff from those who are well. There should also be a process in place where parents and caregivers are informed. For example – A public school in Delhi always was in consultation with health authorities wherever it is possible. Procedures are shared with staff, parents and children before hand.

Develop Odd-Even formula for classes. Classes need to be divided into two halves with an odd even formula. Students with odd roll numbers can join classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, while the other batch with even roll numbers can come in Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Those who do not want to attend classes can attend them online. For example – One of the schools we got in touch with has children coming alternate days with minimal staff to avoid overcrowding.

Arrangements of Furnitures in a different way:  Schools should have a different way of arranging their furnitures rather than the usual way. Desks need to be placed around six feet apart. There should be proper plastic table top desk partitions in cafeterias and classrooms. Every gap area needs to be marked with an X sign or no seating sign.

Face Masks & Infrared monitors. As a preventive measure, schools should make wearing of facemasks mandatory for all students. Schools that can afford to buy infrared monitors should make use of them to check temperatures.