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Hygiene Services by Popcorn Furniture

The second wave of the novel coronavirus in India has left everyone shook to the core. It has been more brutal than ever; our ‘new normal’ modified within 2 weeks. People became more aware, careful and cautious. However, this sudden alert couldn’t save us and our economy from going down the hill and hit the rock bottom.

In addition to such downfall, the education system, which barely improved in past few months, is now left in ruins again. The school curriculums included the sanitization norms in order to start education in physical presence of the teachers, but the recent situation has made us go back to online classes.

Given the fact that it will take time for India to get back on its feet, many school, college and institution administrators have decided to strengthen the hygiene precautions within their premises. They are of the view that amidst this grave situation, it is better to take steps beforehand so that a safe and secure environment can be created for the students in future.

In past one year, many types of disinfection and sanitization methods have been invented and modified. From the strongest germs-killer to different types of sprays, everything is now available at your next-door-chemist. However, hygiene and disinfection services differ from these small yet important precaution steps.

The need of the hour is to find a good and reliable organization that offers such assistances at pocket friendly prices. Here, the Popcorn Furniture comes to the rescue! Being India’s leading school furniture supplier and manufacturer, the team has decided to provide basic sanitization needs to the educational institutions as well. 

Carried by a team of professionals, Popcorn Furniture has many services to choose from. For starters, it has Antimicrobial surface treatments, in which high level of disinfectants are used to keep the surfaces of desks, chairs railings et cetera germ and bacteria free. This non-toxic and eco-friendly disinfectant spray on the surfaces is safe to use and does not wipe out easily. Some other options are Herbal non-toxic solution, combined with Ayurveda silver nano technology. Cheery on the top? It is not harmful to inhale; the activity can be performed in the presence of humans!

However, if you wish to have some high level disinfectants, we will not disappoint you. The team of Popcorn Furniture offers some really high level disinfectants that consists high level of alcohol and other important chemicals, which can be used as sprays or to clean the floors, walls and doors.

To keep you up with the modern times, we have UVC solutions as well! These include UVC sterilizers that cover small or large areas. These are an ideal choice as it disinfects surfaces within seconds and can be easily utilized by the professors and faculty.

Are you ready to make your educational institution a safe place? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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