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Impact of Playground & Gymnasium

The digital world is taking over our planet more than the seed of light. In less than a decade, mobile phones have become an important part of lives; not just post on social media, but to work online as well. Data collected by recent studies shows that the increase of availability of work and other sources to get information has made this generation ‘addicted’ to the latest technology. As if this was less, mobile phones, computers, tablets, et cetera have converted into the major source of entertainment for everyone, including the toddlers too!

Instead of going out and exploring, children find pleasure and satisfaction by spending time on their own personal phones or laptops; be it watching videos, performing activities online, learning online, et cetera. To some extent, it offers comfort and easiness, but we all are aware of the fact that the actual development of a child takes place when he or she steps outside the house. Kindergartens and pre-schools play a major role in this, so does the existence of gymnasium in primary and high schools.

The advantages of playing outsights are on the over sight due to the rage of internet. The span of time spent by children in kindergartens and pre-school is crucial years as they evolve their physical and mental capabilities. They enhance their communicating skills, observation abilities and much more. A child learns how to socialize amongst a large group of people through such outdoor activities. The benefits of playing outside is not just limited to this; it helps an individual decide his or her favorite sport or game, which he or she may or may not pursue as a career; many of the famous sports players started off in the same manner!

Coming to the provision of gymnasium to the kids in schools, majority of the faculty is of the view that carrying out physical activities in primary and secondary school has a direct positive impact on the productivity of the students. It has been noticed that they are able to focus in better manner as they get to explore both the fun and the theory part of the school curriculum.

The team of Popcorn Furniture understands the importance of outdoor physical activities for the kids and hence, has come up with exclusive series of playground equipment and gymnasium furniture for your school! Being the leading school furniture manufacturer in India, we are you ‘one stop shop’ to buy furniture for your outdoor needs; be it for pre-school toddlers or adolescents in high school! With protective and high quality sports flooring, we meet with the international safety measures that offers a sense of relief to the faculty and students. From wall climbing, multi-gym set to Spartica, multi-purpose playground equipment that promotes several physical activities such as balancing, sliding et cetera, we have it all!

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