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Importance of Playground Activities

Every school has its own playground; a place where children have fun, exchange ideas and bond in a better way. With technology and internet taking over the world at a fast pace, toddlers have accustomed themselves to be indoors now more than ever. From slides and swings, their new way of entertainment is to play on mobile phones or keep their eyes glued to play station and other entertainment sources. Data collected by several studies have shown that the outdoor activities performed by the children have reduced more than 40%, making them more vulnerable to health diseases and obesity.

School may be boring for the toddlers, but their exposure to outdoor games and activities is an important part of the school curriculum. Shaping and enhancing kids’ physical and mental health through the implementation of outdoor games is the need of the hour. Now that these youngsters are more addicted to the digital world, changing your playground games, activities and furniture is imperative. In order to bring the kids ‘back on track’, big or minute changes are required to be done.

Why, you ask? Let us state some of the reasons as why playground activities and its enhancement are essential.

  1. Ability to learn new things more easily and in a better way. Be it life skills, problem solving capabilities, et cetera; carrying out activities outside in a playground makes one comprehend important life lessons in new ways!
  2. Playground time spent with friends and colleagues improves an individual’s social interacting skills. A much better way to attain communication skills and learn basic ways to be as a person, publically.
  3. Physical development of children takes place, as these activities elevates their stamina and fitness level, an important part for toddlers during their ‘growing up’ years.
  4. A healthier life comes their way in mysterious ways.
  5. The span of attention of the kids improves and increases their observatory skills.

Popcorn Furniture, being India’s biggest and best school furniture manufacturer, has not just limited its services to classroom furniture. The team has some amazing outdoor equipment to offer that focuses on more muscle movement and better communication amongst their peers. Our customizable playground equipment is innovative, creative sturdy.

Our outdoor playground equipment such as Sabia, Troy, Spartica et cetera provides with fun activities such as slides, swings and much more. Some of our playground equipment have multipurpose feature such as balancing, wall climbing, sliding and climbing hoops! With much effort and brainstorming of idea, Popcorn Furniture continue to be the leading school furniture supplier by offering the best outdoor playground solutions mixed with adventurous and skill development activities! In case of safety, the equipment provided by us are smooth powder coated, which makes the surface sturdier and ensures top-notch safety.

Are you ready to make your kids feel excited for outside activities? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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