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Infrared Thermal Solution – Benefits, Features And Specification

Amid the outbreak of coronavirus, fever, dry cough and breathing trouble are some of the symptoms. These days wherever we go, be it hospital, shopping mall, offices or airports – we see our temperatures are measured by a small machine used by the officials. Do you know what are they? These machines are Infrared Thermal Solution aka Rapid Temperature Checking Machine. It measures body temperature on a non-contract basis through infrared sensors with high precision.

This smart Temperature Checking Machine is used for rapid temperature detection. No physical contact is required to use this solution. Tailored with an alarm system, the temperature machine has IR sensor and recognise high temperature immediately with an alarm. The solution comes with 6 months warranty. 

Infrared Thermal Solution

The non-contact temperature measurement device can be used for rapid screening temperature measurement in less than one second. It can measure temperature from different body parts like wrist and forehead and an alarm rings if the temperature is high or above regular temperature. The solution is great for high volume area. 

The best part of Infrared Thermal Solution is that it is light weighted and give almost accurate temperature measurement. The gross weight of this solution is of 300 gram and can detect temperature from a distance of 5 cm to 10 cm. The solution can function properly in temperature between -10 degree to 40-degree Celsius.

Are you willing to know how and where you can purchase this solution? Contact us at 1800-1200-4999 and get the user-friendly solution to combat COVID-19.

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