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Schools may be boring for the toddlers, but their exposure to outdoor games and activities is an important part of the school curriculum. Shaping and enhancing kids’ physical and mental health through the implementation of outdoor games is the need of the hour. Now that these youngsters are more addicted to the digital world, changing your playground games, activities and furniture is imperative. In order to bring the kids ‘back on track’, big or minute changes are required to be done. 

Instead of going out and exploring, children find pleasure and satisfaction by spending time on their own personal phones or laptops; be it watching videos, performing activities online, learning online, et cetera. To some extent, it offers comfort and easiness, but we all are aware of the fact that the actual development of a child takes place when he or she steps outside the house. Kindergartens and pre-schools play a major role in this, so does the existence of gymnasium in primary and high schools. 

The advantages of playing outsights are on the over sight due to the rage of internet. The span of time spent by children in kindergartens and pre-school is crucial years as they evolve their physical and mental capabilities. They enhance their communicating skills, observation abilities and much more.

Popcorn Furniture, the leading furniture manufacturer of India offers outdoor playground equipment for children. Participating in games and exercises is as important as education for children as it ensures the holistic development of a child. Therefore, it is essential for students to invest a good amount of time in games. These days academic institutions to put emphasis on outdoor games which obviously involves a great number of muscle movements and help children to improve their communication among their peers. Games not only help them to grow better but keep them happy and well-engaged.

In addition, we have some amazing gymnasium series to offer! Keeping the idea of a fit and healthy child, Popcorn Furniture and team has come up with exclusive Gymnasium series. With the help of Gymnasium equipment, schools can make their indoor game sessions meaningful and engaging for children as climbing, swinging, balancing etc help children to stay fit and healthy.

The equipment of Popcorn Furniture’s Gymnasium includes climbing walls, climbing jungles, gym triangles etc. These indoor activity elements are safe and can be accessed by kids without any worry. All gym equipment is international safety standards.

Popcorn Furniture continue to be the leading school furniture supplier by offering the best outdoor playground solutions mixed with adventurous and skill development activities! In case of safety, the equipment provided by us are smooth powder coated, which makes the surface sturdier and safer. We assure you, our outdoor series will be a game-changer!

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