Parameters for School Sanitization
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Parameters for School Sanitization

Parameters for School Sanitization

Schools are meant to ensure the holistic development of learners. But due to the current situation, the image of a perfect school has changed drastically. The massive outbreak of COVID-19 has brought a major shift in the academic scenario where the classes are now held online and students are missing out on their other regular school activities apart from academics. But this situation cannot run for long and schools along with other educational institutions need to gradually open and get back to normalcy. Resuming the classes along with other school activities while ensuring the top-notch safety for students and school staff is the need of the hour. Therefore it is imperative to sanitise schools thoroughly to combat coronavirus. 

It is important to note that, while sanitising school and other educational institution is essential, keeping a check on the parameters of sanitization is parallelly required. In general, sanitizers are made up of myriad chemicals and toxic ingredients along with UV rays. But many of these elements can be harmful to human health.  Thus, it is necessary to make sure combating COVID-19 is not bringing bigger trouble for students, facilitators and staff.

Servicemaster Clean is an organisation which helps schools and other academic institutions and offices with turnkey solutions to keep their surroundings clean and virus free. Being an industry expert for more than a decade, the organisation is well-versed with challenges and offers proper solutions to address issues at its core. They provide Smart Cleaning Program, Airborne and Surface disinfection services to keep the school premise clean and virus-free while ensuring the best health for the learners and other staff.

Ideas to keep in mind while planning the school sanitization process

  • It is important to clean the school before using sanitisers on it. 
  • Use alcohol-based sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol content.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect all objects and surfaces that are frequently touched. Places like switchboards, chairs, tables, handles and staircases need to be sanitised frequently before the school starts and during the school hours.
  • Implement non-toxic chemicals for sanitization process to keep the environment inclusively safe for all.
  • Implementation of UV rays in classrooms to destroy germs and viruses and using herbal ingredients to combat coronavirus.

Cleaning and disinfecting products

Maintaining hygiene and keeping the school premise virus-free is very much required at this point in time. Parallelly, while deciding on the parameters of sanitization, exploring the different sanitizers might also help school administration to have a better understanding of the products used for sanitisation.

  • Before sanitising anything, it is imperative to use soap, water other detergents to clean dirty items. Once the basic cleaning is done, the sanitisation process can be started.
  • An EPA-registered household disinfectant can be used to make the school premise virus free and if the manufacturer’s instructions are followed thoroughly, the process of disinfecting the school can be done very smoothly. 
  • Products like BioBuster, Multi-Purpose Disinfectant, 66 Heavy Duty Alkaline Bathroom Cleaner and Disinfectant, Maquat 7.5-M can be used to keep the school surrounding clean and free from deadly viruses. Using these products can destroy the virus and bacterias in 2-10 minutes.
  • Household bleach solutions too can be used to keep the schools germ-free. But in this case, it is important to follow the instructions very strictly. With the help of 5 tablespoons (1/3 cup) of bleach per gallon of water or 4 teaspoons of bleach per quart of water – bleach solution can be prepared and can be used for the sanitization process. 

Proper sanitization plays an important part in combating coronavirus and getting back to normal life. But these sanitisers and disinfectants should not be used without proper safety measures and using less harmful chemicals too need to be one of the real concerns because excessive use of such chemicals can cause health hazards for students, teachers and staff.

Would you like to know more about Servicemaster Clean? Check this out and make sure that the growth of your learner is not hindered by any virus.

Parameters for School Sanitization
Parameters for School Sanitization