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Planning to reopen school? Read ‘COMBATTING COVID 19 – A Handbook to Make Schools a Safer Place’

With the slow yet steady unlock procedure, India is gradually moving back to normalcy. While some states are gradually opening offices and shopping malls, some states are planning to even gym and yoga centres. Keeping the situation under consideration -it can be said that schools, colleges and other educational institutions too need to gradually prepare themselves to resume normal classes. School Administration, in this case, has to take responsibility for the safety of students and needs to ensure that social distancing is efficiently maintained in the school premise and schools are virus and bacteria-free.

This is not all, schools need to help all the academic stakeholders with information that can help them to adjust to the new academic environment and follow strict rules to help themselves and society to get massively affected by coronavirus. There is, so far no guideline which tells about the processes which can e implemented while schools plan to reopen.

But the new book, written by Col. Alankar Bhardwaj and Vasu Krishna Bhardwaj is all about extensive yet refined research which has reflected clearly how schools and other educational institutions should plan their journey of going back to the normal life during the post-COVID-19 environment. The book is titled ‘COMBATTING COVID 19 – A Handbook to Make Schools a Safer Place’ has thoroughly explained how to run schools, mess and boarding schools during a situation when the world is almost collapsed by a pandemic and social distancing is extremely important.

‘COMBATTING COVID 19 – A Handbook to Make Schools a Safer Place’ should be the most prescribed supplement for schools who are planning to resume the classes while following a strict guideline to combat COVID-19.

Col. Alankar Bhardwaj (Retd.) alumnus of the National Defence Academy, got inspired to write this book while he was working on protocols and SOP for the reopening of Mayo College during post-lockdown. He is presently working as Bursar at the famous Mayo College at Ajmer. He is handling the position with the utmost dignity and efficiency since 2014. On the other hand, Vasu Krishna Bhardwaj has been an avid writer of prose, poetry, and lyrics right from childhood. She is a renown academic enthusiast who had pursued her education in literature, teachers’ training and management.

The book provides thorough action plans that are drafted to help school administration to reopen schools and start with normal classes in a seamless manner. Even if you are an academic enthusiast, you can opt for this book for your unique reading collection. The book is only 250 rupees and they are easily available.

The members of Popcorn furniture are extremely driven when it comes to education and some of them have already read the book. We have got amazing feedback from them. That is the reason we thought of talking about the book and help academic stakeholders to find the book which can be extremely beneficial for them at this point in time.