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Popcorn Furniture is a leading manufacturer and supplier of school laboratories in India. Popcorn Furniture designs and sets up art room facilities for schools. The company provides complete wall units, drawing and painting booth, storage for paintings and posters, Art room trolleys with casters to move the supplies in the room, painting stands, craft benches, heavy-duty benches and other furnishings.

Popcorn Furniture undertakes complete art room planning, furniture modules, space evaluation for customization of the art room.

Popcorn Furniture has been setting up school art rooms for over a decade. The company has successfully set up functional and aesthetic art rooms in several schools across India.

Popcorn Furniture can provide and install art room furniture anywhere in India.

Complete Lab Planning

An ideal art room has many attributes that are the opposite of those needed in a standard classroom. Art rooms have unique learning needs and safety considerations.

Display space: art room requires lots of easy to use display space. One can have display walls, painting stands and soft boards. It requires space to share work with other students, teachers and visitors to the school. In art room every inch of wall space is educationally valuable.

Storage: lots of storage and drying racks are required in an art room. Without storage for supplies and in process projects, the room gets clogged. Deep and drawer type shelving must be included. Art room trolleys with casters help to move the supplies in the room.

Lighting: a visual art learning studio needs direct lighting options and zoned lighting options that can be used when required. The lighting is different from a typical classroom.

Colors and surfaces: art needs to be created and viewed in an atmosphere that does not overly influence the work. Colors can be neutral and aesthetic. It must allow the art itself to serve as the décor.

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