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Popcorn furniture believes that ergonomics and wellness are important requisites in the design of contemporary school furniture. Carefully crafted with the new age technology and materials, our school furniture meets the current needs of classroom furniture with sophistication, versatility and durability. While aesthetics continues to remain an important factor, our school furniture conforms to the excellent health standards.

Seamless edge binding:
Popcorn 429 OR from the house of Popcorn furniture, one of India’s largest school furniture suppliers, introduces seamless edge binding in the variant. The feature provides seamless joints and edges to the furniture.

Wire rack for book storage:
Popcorn 429 OR comes fitted with quality wire rack for books and stationery storage. Attached storage space is excellent space management in a student workstation and acts as a great clutter solver. Think of a classroom where bags, books, notebooks, water bottles etc are lying all over the place, on floor, on student desk top and one with books and notebooks neatly kept in the desk storage space.  This storage furniture adds immensely to the functionality of classroom furniture.

Attached bag hook with wire rack:
The wire rack in Popcorn 429 OR has additional hooks on both its sides for easy hanging of school bags, water bottles etc, optimizing the storage facilities in a desk. Students will love to work on their desks that are neat and clutter free.

Stackable air cushioned chair:
Popcorn 429 OR tackles the issue of functionality with an additional feature, that of stacking the chairs. The chair is available when you need it. Alternatively, it can be stacked away in the corner when not. It gives way to much needed space in the classroom for activities.

The stackable chair in this variant also comes with air vents to reduce inside condensation of air, giving relief to the back. The air cushion adds to the comfort of seating for long hours in classroom.

Colour options in chair:
Popcorn 429 OR is a classroom furniture variant in double desk series that is stylish, easy to move and brightens up the classroom with colour. Chairs are available in several bright colour options suited to the various interiors requirements of different schools.