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Stackable ergonomic chair:
Popcorn furniture presents Popcorn 429 RE in its double desk classroom furniture range with a bouquet of comfort and functional features. The chair is ergonomic which allows for the natural body movements and provide comfort essential to maintain healthy posture. Popcorn 429 RE responds to the needs of versatility in modern classroom furniture with contemporary and durable design.

Popcorn 429 RE is designed to be stackable when not needed. It can easily be stacked in corner to empty space for activities in the classroom.

PVC injection moulded top:
Injection moulding edge of the desk makes it tamperproof and increases the durability. It is especially useful for rough usage in classroom ambience. Chipped edges of desk can hurt the students, so this feature adds to the safety of students in the class.

Completely welded desk:
Popcorn 429 RE has completely welded desk & chair frame for safety and sturdiness. Complete welding makes the frame more rigid for a long lasting body that doesn’t fall apart.

Wire rack for book storage:
Popcorn 429 RE comes fitted with quality wire rack for books and stationery storage. Attached storage space is excellent space management in a student workstation and acts as a great clutter solver. Need for a separate storage for bags and books other than student work station is ruled out with this feature. It saves space in the classroom.

Attached bag hook with wire rack:
The wire rack in Popcorn 429 RE has hooks on both the sides for easy hanging of school bags, water bottles etc, optimizing the storage facilities in a desk. The small hook is a practical approach to save a lot of extra storage space in the classroom.

Durable, strong and safe:
School furniture from Popcorn furniture maximizes the working and storage spaces within classroom environment. As responsible school furniture manufacturer, Popcorn furniture provides stylish, strong, robust, durable, functional and ergonomic furniture. The company makes school furniture conducive enough to encourage productive learning experience in students. Safety and comfort remains the hallmark of Popcorn furniture.

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