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Modesty panel attached to the front of the desk:
Popcorn 81 from the house of Popcorn furniture, one of India’s largest school furniture suppliers, comes fitted with a modesty panel in front of the desk. The panel across the front of the desk is designed to conceal the lower body. This feature provides privacy without taking away the aesthetic appeal of the desk.

Book storage rack made in metal:
Popcorn 81 comes with smart book storage solution specially designed for classroom environment. Popcorn 81 achieves efficient utilization of desk space with heavy duty metal storage solution adding to comfort, durability and safety in the classroom furniture. The structure remains robust and long lasting as it is built for endurance and easy retrieval of books and notebooks kept in the space.

Being a leading school furniture manufacturer, Popcorn furniture finds its place in schools all over the country. Popcorn furniture being student friendly and school friendly too is one of the most sought after names in school furniture.

Attached bag hook with metal rack storage:
Metal rack storage in Popcorn 81 has an attached bag hook as an additional storage feature. The bag hook securely holds a school bag or water bottle beneath the desk keeping the student work station clutter free. Desk space utilization is optimized with this feature. It adds to the convenience and concentration of students in the classroom.

Durable, strong and safe:
Popcorn furniture is a prominent school furniture supplier and manufacturer in India. Its furniture variants are available to suit varied needs and requirements of schools and students. Popcorn 81 in double desk series is highly reliable, durable and strong classroom furniture. It is made of quality material with modern design and technology. Thus, Popcorn 81 is massively appreciated and demanded for its international quality, safety and durability.