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Popcorn furniture double desk series for schools- Popcorn 85


Desk: 43”x16”x29”

Chair: 43”x10”x17”

 Features and benefits

 Metal box for storage with a bag hook

Popcorn furniture presents Popcorn 85 in its double desk classroom furniture range of functional features made affordable for schools. Desk in this variant comes fitted with metal box for storage of books and notebooks in the classroom. The metal box has a separate hook for hanging school bag and water bottles with it, completing the daily storage needs of a student in classroom. One can keep the working counter on the desk clutter free for work.

Within the school furniture segment, there are a number of advantages of having a storage box in desk made of metal. Metal adds to the durability and strength of the cabinet. It can hold relatively heavier items. Secondly, cleaning and maintenance is much easier in a metal box. The paint on metal box usually does not flake or peel easily, so repainting will not be required. Even though the metal box is durable, it is nonetheless lightweight.

 Combined seating

Combined seating in Popcorn 85 has many advantages. It helps students with collaborative learning. With 2 students sitting together, they interact and share resources. It is also useful for teachers who believe in either mix ability or mix gender seating arrangements in the classroom. Depending upon the requirements, classroom-seating arrangement can easily be created with combined seating furniture. Classroom furniture with combined seating also occupies lesser space in the classroom leaving out more shuffling space for the teachers.

Affordable option

Although Popcorn 85 has a number of comfort, durability and other functionalities, it is affordable for most schools.

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