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Popcorn Furniture is a leading manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment for schools in India. It is a one-stop source for all your laboratory needs. Laboratory equipment by Popcorn Furniture consist of latest models that are technologically advance as well as economical.

Laboratory equipment supplies are available for various science laboratories in schools. These are physics lab equipment, chemistry lab equipment and biology lab equipment. Some of the popular laboratory equipment supplied by Popcorn Furniture are gas nozzle, fume hood, emergency shower, eye wash etc.

Popcorn Furniture has earned its reputation by supplying quality equipment, on time, with 100% customer satisfaction.

Gas Nozzle:

Gas nozzle from Popcorn Furniture is high quality nozzle for use in school laboratory. It is easy to use and functional.

Fume Hood:

Laboratory fume hoods serve to control exposure to toxic, offensive or flammable vapors, gases and aerosols. Fume hoods are the primary method of exposure control in the laboratory. The laboratory fume hood is a type of local exhaust ventilation system. Popcorn Furniture is one of the leading suppliers of laboratory fume hoods for school labs.

Emergency shower

Emergency shower within the lab area is for immediate emergency use in case of exposure to eyes and body with chemicals or corrosive material. The shower facilities are useful depending on the amount of possible exposure. Emergency showers are critical to minimizing damage. Popcorn Furniture emergency shower can be customized to fit in all school laboratories.

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