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Popcorn Furniture is a leading manufacturer and supplier of school laboratories in India. Physics lab from the house of Popcorn furniture is a modern lab set-up catering to the requirements of modern physics education in schools. It is designed in a way that the lab activities and experiments are able to engage a student’s mind. It is also equipped with the latest equipment where students can experiment innovatively.

Physics Lab design by Popcorn Furniture considers some of the important requirements like having an easy wipe clean surface on the lab, customizations as per the specific area and budget of the schools.


Island bench:
Physics laboratory island bench from Popcorn furniture is a floor mounted workstation with roomy storage space. The island bench can be custom made to suit the specific requirement of a school. The drawers, shutters and other modules can be customized as per the requirement of a school.

Granite table top:
Worktop in physics laboratory furniture by Popcorn furniture comes in granite make. It requires low maintenance and the tabletop is extremely functional.

Easy wipe clean surface
Physics Laboratory manufactured by Popcorn Furniture for schools is easy to wipe clean. Labs must be neat and clean always for students to conduct experiments. In our physics lab set up maintenance is very easy.

Customization available
Customizations pertaining to various features are available in the physics laboratory manufactured by Popcorn furniture for schools. Schools can get the customization done depending on their space requirements, storage requirements and various other physics laboratory equipment’s requirements.

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