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Color and aesthetics:
Make the classrooms in your school look aesthetically pleasing with modern designs and vibrant colors that young students would love. Choose from different color options in the double desk series of chairs to complete the look of your classrooms. Children, especially in kindergarten would love coming to a school with colorful and bubbly environment. Here, we have preschool furniture that tiny tots would love.

Easy cleaning & maintenance:
Kids will be kids in either school or home. They will tend to spill colors, eatables, water etc on the surface of the table, making it rough in course of time. Double desk series from Popcorn furniture comes with scratchproof top. It has several benefits both in terms of aesthetic and utility value. It makes the tabletop sophisticated, easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, being scratch resistant, it is highly durable as well.

Small kids in schools need lot of safety features in the school environment including the furniture and fixtures. Double desk series from Popcorn furniture, one of India’s biggest school furniture manufacturers, takes special notice of the fact and provides tabletops with edges that will not wear out on tampering or rubbing. This ensures that the rough edges may not hurt the small kids.

Every kid in school has a different height and weight. It is utmost important to give them furniture that keep them comfortable while doing work. Popcorn furniture, one of the biggest school furniture suppliers in India, has ensured a height adjustable table to address this crucial benefit.