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Selection criteria for classroom furniture

Comfort in sitting carries paramount significance for chair. In today’s lifestyle a major part of time is spent seating on chair.

One needs comfortable chair in office, home, car, bus, theatres, parks etc. Needless to mention, schools require even more comfortable classroom furniture. Young kids as it is, have a very low attention span. School needs to address everything that detracts attention of the students. Classroom furniture must have very high standards of comfort for a healthy teaching and learning environment.

Schools must adhere to health and safety guidelines for school furnitureSize of the furniture is another important aspect to look for in classroom furniture. Students do not have the same height and bulk. Everyone in the class must find a proper seating comfort. Furniture with height adjustability is important.

Material and make of the furniture forms a part of comfort and durability. Studies have indicated that normal growth in children receives a setback with uncomfortable furniture. Rightly or ergonomically designed furniture adds to seating comfort and posture in classroom.

Classroom furniture must also ensure that the material used is sturdy enough for rough handling and last long. Edges or surface of the furniture must remain smooth for long period so that children are not hurt.

Popcorn Furniture as a school furniture manufacturer not only ensures on all the quality standards but they do extra bit to add some more functionality in the classroom furniture for students. In the double desk series, Popcorn 92 carries wire rack storage with a bag hook. Students can easily hang their school bags on the side hook and keep their books in the storage rack leaving the top of the desk clutter free for working.  This extra comfort feature will add to the focus and attention of the students in classroom.