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Popcorn 16 is a popular variant of school furniture from the house of Popcorn furniture, one of the largest school furniture manufacturers in India. Popcorn 16 is ideal for senior classes as it is equipped with modesty panel. Its attachments are tamperproof, making it safe and secure for young students. The inbuilt storage facility with metal box completes the student workstation, ideal for classroom furniture.


Front modesty panel:
Popcorn 16 comes with modesty panel in its desk. The feature provides relaxation in seating and keeps students worry free. They can concentrate on work rather paying attention to the posture all the time. Modesty panel is especially useful in senior classes.

Metal box for storage:
Popcorn 16 has a metal box for storage of books and stationeries. Metal box is quite spacious and strong. All the regular books and stationeries can easily fit-in the box. It is a very useful and functional feature for classroom furniture.

Tamperproof attachments:
Popcorn 16 has all attachments made to be tamperproof. Students in their tender age tend to be restless. They will play around with the furniture in the classroom. This feature is very useful as tampering will not affect this classroom furniture. Attachments will not wear or tear easily hurting students. It is a great safety feature for students. Tamperproof attachments also make this furniture durable and strong.

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