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Popcorn 47 is an aesthetic and pragmatic variant of school furniture from the house of Popcorn furniture. It has all the makings of a functional and high-end classroom furniture that delivers well on comfort, robustness, durability etc.


 Stackable ergonomic chair:

Popcorn 47 is stackable. It is a great feature to have in a classroom furniture. There are times when you require the classroom to have open space for activities. In such cases, the chairs can easily be stacked away. So, you arrange them for seating when you need them and stack them away when you don’t.

 Popcorn 47 is ergonomic too. Design of the chairs are done in a way that supports comfortable seating for long hours. Ergonomic design helps with sitting in right posture.

 Completely welded desk:

Popcorn 47 has completely welded desk. It makes the desk structure strong and sturdy. Safety is another important benefit that it offers. There are no sharp edges and the whole structure looks smooth.

Seamless edge binding:

Edges of the desk in Popcorn 47 has seamless binding. It is a great safety feature in school environment. Young students tend to be restless and the seamless edge binding of the desks keep them safe from getting hurt. It adds to the aesthetics of the desk too.

 Wire rack for storage with a bag hook:

Popcorn 47 comes with useful wire rack for storage of books and stationeries. Add to that a bag hook that helps in hanging the school bag and water bottle. It’s a feature that helps students in keeping the working desk top clutter free and additionally helps teachers to get shuffling space within the classroom when the bags and books are stored properly.

 Durable, strong and safe:

Popcorn 47 is built to be durable, strong and safe. Strength, durability and safety of students are the must have basic features in school furniture.

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