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Popcorn 48 is a complete classroom furniture from the house of Popcorn furniture. This school furniture has all the makings of comfort, durability, class, aesthetics, functionality etc. Moreover, this single desk series variant is stackable too. It is a very popular variant among top ranking schools that care about its reputation and student’s performance.



 Stackable ergonomic chair:

Popcorn 48 is stackable. Chairs in this variant can easily be stacked away when not required. A great functionality, especially in the classroom environment, when open space is required at times for group activities.

The variant is made for healthy sitting postures for long hours. It is ergonomic in design. Students do need comfort in seating as they spend most of their time in school sitting in the classroom. Moreover, healthy sitting posture is good for their healthy physical growth.

Completely welded desk:

Popcorn 48 desk is completely welded. There are no rough edges here and there and the desk looks like a singular piece rather an assembled one. The feature lends strength to the desk too.

Seamless edge binding:

Edges of Popcorn 48 are bind seamlessly. There are no pointed edges on the corners. This is a must have safety feature for school furniture. Students at early age tend to be restless and can hurt themselves with pointed edges. Seamless edge binding also adds to the looks of the desk.

Wire rack for storage with bag hook:

Popcorn 48 comes fitted with wire rack for storage of books and stationery. This much needed storage space gives students liberty to keep their desk top free for working in the class. All their books and stationeries can easily go inside the storage rack.

Moreover, the storage rack has a bag hook for hanging school bag and water bottle. With is feature every student gets a complete work station for classroom. They do not have to keep their books or bags on the floor, making enough room for shuffling within the classroom.

Durable, strong and safe:

Popcorn 48 is made to be durable and strong. Its features like completely welded desk, seamless edge binding etc make it safe for the students too.

Color options in chair:

There are various color options available in the chair. Popcorn 48 chair comes in various bright colors that suite the sensibilities of students and décor of the school too.

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