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Environment in the classroom including furniture and its arrangements influence attention span and performance of students in the classroom. Out of all the factors classroom furniture forms the most important aspect as the students remain seated for most of the time in the classroom. Keeping a healthy teaching and learning environment in mind Popcorn furniture brings single desk series of school furniture. Furniture in classroom should be easy to move and arranged in a way that gives easy movement to the teacher across the classroom.  Single desk furniture remains individualistic and easy to move so that the seating arrangements can be made best suited to an open and friendly classroom environment.


Scratchproof bow front top
Popcorn furniture presents Popcorn 52 in its single desk classroom furniture for schools. Desk in this variant comes with bow front top with a curved design that enhances the aesthetics and adds a unique character to the classroom.

The desk top is also scratch proof made to resist rough usage by the students. The surface doesn’t peel off over time and can easily be cleaned. Scratchproof top not only makes the furniture easy to maintain but also acts as a safety mechanism for the tender palm and hands of students.

Completely welded desk
Popcorn 52 has completely welded desk making the desk structure durable and strong. It provides a singular look to the whole desk and enhances the looks manifolds.

MS powder coated frame
Popcorn 52 desk frame comes with MS powder coating. This feature makes the frame look elegant and the paint in powder coated frames doesn’t wear out easily. Longevity of the color and looks is added with this feature.

Wire rack for storage with a bag hook
Popcorn 52 desk frame has an inbuilt wire rack for storage of books and stationeries in the classroom. The wire rack has a hook for hanging school bag and water bottle, completing the daily storage requirements of students in the classroom. This storage space not only keeps the classroom clutter free but also keeps the desk top free for working in the class. Students and teachers both will find this feature quite useful as the teachers will have more shuffling space in the classroom if the school bags and books are not spread all over the place.

Chairs available in red, grey and orange colors
Chairs in Popcorn 52 range come in different colors to choose from. Depending on the décor on the classroom chairs colors can be selected from red, grey and orange.

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