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Popcorn 55 is an important variant in the single desk series from the house of Popcorn furniture, one the largest school furniture manufacturer’s in India. The variant has stackable chair with various color options, scratchproof easy wipe clean top and durable make.


Stackable air cushioned chair:
Popcorn furniture presents Popcorn 55 in its single desk classroom furniturefor schools. Its chairs are stackable with air cushion. Stackable chairs are very useful in classroom environment where open spaces are required at times for group activities. It can be stacked away when not required and easily be put is rows when the need arises. Air cushioning provides relief to the students back when seated for long hours.

Scratchproof easy wipe clean top:
Popcorn 55 desk top is scratchproof and can easily be wipe cleaned. Scratchproof property adds to the durability of the desk and acts as a safeguard against peel off with rough usage in the long run. Safety to the hands of students, easy clean and maintenance are the benefits of this desk. It is very useful, especially in the classroom environment where young students tend to use the desk in a rough manner.

Wire rack for storage with a bag hook:
Popcorn 55 desk has pre-fitted wire rack for storage of books, notebooks and stationeries in the classroom. The wire rack has a hook for hanging school bag and water bottle, completing the daily storage requirements of students in the classroom. Students do need a good storage space to keep their daily routine books and stationeries somewhere other than the top of their desks. This individual seating variant offers this great functional benefit providing complete day to day storage facility for students making the classroom neat and making way for much needed shuffling space.

Durable, strong and safe:
Popcorn 55 is made to be durable, strong and safe for students. Schools do need furniture that are durable and strong as it gets very difficult to change furniture very often. Safety built in the furniture is a much needed advantage for school furniture as the furniture users are very tender in age and are prone to hurting themselves with little carelessness.

Color options in chair:
Popcorn 55 chair comes in various colors suitable to the school décor and aesthetics. Students would love their bright and colorful chair. Depending upon the interiors and décor of the classrooms color of chair can be selected.

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