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Popcorn 56 is necessary have classroom furniture for every good school. It is feature loaded with scratch proof, tamper proof components, made strong and elegant with MS powder coating, the chair is ergonomic in design and is stackable. There are beautiful color options in the chair. Desktop is easy to wipe and maintain.


 Air cushioned ergonomic chair:

When it comes to comfort in seating for long hours and healthy sitting posture in classroom environment, Popcorn 56 has no match. It offers air cushioned ergonomic design. Air cushioning helps keeping the back free from moisture. Ergonomic design which is essentially a design that is made for right sitting posture, is a must have feature. Students do need right sitting posture for healthy growth.

Tamperproof attachments:

All attachments in this variant are tamper proof. There are no chances of wear and tear with rough handling by students. The feature enhances longevity of classroom furniture. It acts as a safety net too as worn out components may hurt students.

Scratchproof easy wipe top:

Wiping top of the desk gets easy with scratch proof top. Regular wiping and maintenance of the top is made easy with this feature. It is well understood that students tend to spill ink or write on the desk and the top gets dirty and messy over a period of time. In Popcorn 56 the scratchproof easy wipe top feature will help the workstation look new and fresh every day.

MS Powder Coated Frame:

Popcorn 56 frame is MS Powder coated. It makes the frame strong, durable and scratch proof. The feature additionally adds to the elegance in looks.

Chair available in red, orange and grey color:

Chair in Popcorn 56 comes in 3 color options- red, orange and grey. One can easily select the color depending on the interiors of the classroom to add to the aesthetic appeal. Colors are bright and selected to suit a student’s requirement and needs of the school too.

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