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Popcorn 80 is feature rich single desk series school furniture from the house of Popcorn furniture. It is made to be little high end with added benefits like front modesty panel, injection moulded top, height adjustable chair etc. This multi-functional, stylish and colorful classroom furniture is one of the most sought after variant. 


 Height adjustable desk and chair:

Popcorn furniture presents Popcorn 80 in its single desk classroom furniture for schools. Desk and chair in this variant can be adjusted to student’s height and convenience. Since every child is different in physical make up, each one requires desk and chair according to their own height. Popcorn 80 answers this need. One size fit all furniture makes it difficult for students to sit conveniently doing their work in the classroom for long hours.

 Metal box for storage:

Popcorn 80 has a metal box for storage of books and stationeries. Box made in metal makes the complete structure of the desk for robust and strong. It is easy to clean and maintain. Accessing the belongings in the box too gets much easier and there are no chances of loose books, notebooks and stationeries falling down on the floor.

 Front modesty panel:

Popcorn 80 comes with a pre-fitted front modesty panel. It is a very useful feature, especially for girl students in higher classes. The panel across the front of the desk is designed to conceal the lower body. This feature provides privacy without taking away the aesthetic appeal of the desk.

Seamless edge binding:

Popcorn 80 comes with seamless edge binding. The feature enhances looks of the whole furniture and safeguards students from hurting themselves with sharp edges. Again a little improvement in the make but very useful feature, especially for the classroom environment when young kids also play around at times.

PVC Injection Moulded Top:

Injection moulding of the top makes the whole structure looks in unison. The feature in Popcorn 80 adds strength to the desk and enhances durability. Every school needs durable furniture for classrooms as it gets very difficult to often change them.

Economical option:

Popcorn 80 is economical to buy as the make is economical to suit schools with slightly lower budgets.

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