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Popcorn 82 is complete classroom furniture in single desk series from the house of Popcorn furniture, one of the biggest school furniture manufacturers in Delhi. The variant, though carries all the highlight features for comfort, safety and functionality, it is an affordable option.


 Front modesty panel:

Popcorn 82 comes pre-fitted with front modesty panel. It is a must-have feature in classroom furniture especially for girl students. A student can sit comfortably at ease without worrying about anything else as the panel easily hides lower body behind it.

Wire rack for storage with a bag hook:

Popcorn 82 adds to the functionality with wire rack for storage. Students can easily keep all their belongings like books, stationeries etc inside the wire rack. Moreover, the rack has a bag hook for hanging the school bag and water bottle with it. Wire rack for storage with a hook helps in keeping the classroom clutter free with extra shuffling space. Worktop on the desk is also kept free from extra books and stationeries adding to the concentration of the students.

Tamperproof attachments:

All attachments in Popcorn 82 are made to be tamperproof. Young students tend to play around in the classroom and furniture attachments that are week may hurt them. From ordinary classroom furniture, attachments come out with time causing inconvenience to the students and hurting them too. Popcorn 82 ensures that the attachments remain durable and tamperproof. It creates a good safety net for students.

Affordable option:

Popcorn 82 contains all the important safety and comfort features, much needed in school furniture yet it is affordable. Most schools operate within a tight budget. Popcorn furniture is fully aware about the fact, hence it has created a robust furniture that is affordable for all schools.

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