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Popcorn furniture

Popcorn is the first company in India to offer a one-stop shop to a school for all its infrastructure requirements. Popcorn Furniture is synonymous with the best in educational products. Its quality and innovative designs have been tested and approved of by time and by the most energetic students across India for the last twelve years. We are the only company in India offering furniture for the entire k-12 segment. We offer many furniture options that accommodate diverse teaching styles.

The designs are scientifically created so that each piece attracts, stimulates and educates young minds. Enjoyment is packed in with functionality and the promise of durability. Each piece that carries the Popcorn Furniture label is made from replenishable wood sources and is done over with non-toxic surfaces. All products come in knocked down form with easy assembly instructions, so that the physical location of the educational establishments ceases to matter.