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Popcorn Furniture’s Hygiene Services for Offices

The thought of going back to office can be dreading for some of us, not because you are now used to working at home (partly yes), but because you are worried about your safety and the convenience of people surrounding you. To some extent, you would be concerned about your health, as the lack of sanitization measures and methods within the premises will haunt you.

As the global pandemic of novel corona virus in the world still persists, re-visiting your office may not be the best idea. However, with everything going back to normal, you may have to get back to the ordeal before COVID-19 changed our perspectives towards our lives. In order to welcome back your employees and co-workers back to your corporate house, it is essential that you promise the basic safety implementations for your colleagues and workers. The need of the hour is to implement and set up some effective and good disinfection and sanitization measures that ensure everyone’s safety and convenience.

Well, we have got you covered! The team of Popcorn Furniture has come up such hygiene assistances that will leave no stone unturned to provide nothing but promising results.

As hygiene services may seem similar to you, the disinfection and sanitization assistances provided by us differ from each other, depending upon your requirements and needs. In case of disinfection services, the team of professionals at Popcorn Furniture offer Herbal Non-Toxic and High Level disinfection services. The herbal non-toxic disinfection services consist of silver nano-technology combined with Ayurveda solutions, hence justifying the name. With the ability to 99.9% of bacteria, germs and deadly pathogens, this disinfectant assistance is an ideal choice for your office as it does not emit any harmful or dangerous chemicals. On the other hand, high level disinfectant services include other assistances that can be availed such as disinfectant solutions for tables, desks, chairs, et cetera; disinfectant sprays and automated hand dispensers.

Further, Popcorn Furniture also offers antimicrobial surface sanitization service, which forms a 3 – layered protective coat of chemical on highly touched areas, assuring protection for 90 consecutive days! Besides these, the team has come up with other accessories and subsidiaries that are easy to use and function. For example, UVC sterilizer solutions, the most popping solution to terminate dangerous germs, are an ideal and perfect choice for the employees and administrators to utilize. This quick and handy service disinfects smaller and larger areas within a short span of time, giving a sensation of relief and comfort. Best feature about our UVC sterlizers? These subsidiaries are portable!

Finally, Popcorn Furniture provides infra-red thermal solutions, a rapid temperature detector, promoting the ‘no contact practice’. This alarm supported device with high precision IR sensor gives you the temperature measurement within one second!

Ready to welcome back your employees to the office? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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