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How to Choose Kindergarten Furniture

Challenges in Choosing Preschool and Kindergarten Furniture

One of the most challenging part of developing a pre-school or kindergarten is choosing the right playschool furniture. These recent years have changed school curriculums and the way of teaching; practicality is taken more into consideration than ever.

Physical activities and their additional importance in kindergartens have forced various administrators to adapt new and trendy playschool furniture. However, making the choice is not that easy as it may seem. Each pre-school premise has its own capacity, necessities and teaching methods. Therefore, the selection of equipment depends on various aspects.

Popcorn Furniture, being India’s biggest and oldest school furniture supplier, has come to your rescue. Keeping in mind the recent developments that have taken place in the school industry, Popcorn Furniture has come up with a bunch of new and trendy pre-school furniture, suitable for all your needs and requirements!

Let us dig in little deeper.

Types of Preschool and Kindergarten Furniture

  1. Tables & chairs: Toddlers spend majority of their time in kindergarten, developing mental and physical skills, brainstorming of ideas and formation of postures of the body. It is imperative that the furniture used by the students is convenient and attractive at the same time. The desks, tables and chairs offered by the team of Popcorn Furniture meet the ergonomic standards and provide an welcoming ambience to the students
  2. Storage Units: Keeping personal belongings or carrying their favorite toys to pre-schools is the new normal now. Hence, storage compartments are the need of the hour. Popcorn Furniture has a vast range of storage units available; from open storage to semi-closed storage units, the team has it all.
  3. Wall Décor and Interactive Wall Panels: Popcorn Furniture aims to make an optimal learning environment for the students through their interactive wall panel and amazing wall décor series. Our series come in various themes such as animals, nature, music panels, train panels, et cetera. These exclusive kindergarten articles are not something to miss out; a great choice to make students’ productivity and learning process more efficient.
  4. Collaborative Seating Arrangements: Collaborative seating arrangements promote the four C’s – creative thinking, communication, critical thinking and collaboration. As classroom seating layouts are extremely important, collaborative seating arrangements will be an ideal choice to elevate group discussions and social communication skills.
  5. Role play: That’s right. Pretend playing is the new education system in pre-schools! Popcorn Furniture’s pretending play equipment are an additional advantage for your classroom. Not only does it make the children aware about interacting habits at an early age, but also develop problem solving skills!

With the aim to make education more fun, the team has many more services to offer such as attractive themed-carpets, soft plays, articles for art room, several toys, et cetera! Make both learning and teaching experiences a little more amazing with Popcorn Furniture!

Are you ready to say hello to your new kindergarten premise? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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