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Popcorn Furniture’s School/College Furniture Series

We have been listening since our childhood; ‘Learning has no age’. They say that age does not limit you to comprehend new things; after all, you learn something new every day!

However, we all are aware that the basic (and the most important years) of learning takes place in school, college and university phase. But what makes the learning part better is the environment they stay in!

Hence, Popcorn Furniture, India’s largest furniture manufacturer and supplier, is here to make the ambience more comfortable and convenient, for both teachers and students. Our furniture series offer nothing but good quality and comfort.

 Let us explain it to you in a better way!

A. Popcorn Furniture’s School Furniture Series

Popcorn Furniture, being the best school furniture manufacturer in India, aims to be more than just what meets the eye. We help to create an environment within the school premises that is comfortable, convenient, and trendy. The wide array of options provided by the team is not something to miss out on! From single/double desks to collaborative sitting arrangements, Popcorn Furniture has it all! The team of Popcorn Furniture does not limit itself to just classroom essentials; it has variety of furniture of your school library, art room, cafeteria and much more! The team has a wide range of kindergarten and playground furniture as well! With the aim to make education more fun, the team has many more services to offer such as attractive themed-carpets, soft plays, articles for art room, several toys, et cetera! In addition, we have some exciting gymnasium articles for kids and toddlers!

B. Popcorn Furniture’s College Furniture Series

From basic equipment required in a college to other departments present within the premises, Popcorn Furniture provides it all.Starting from collaborative seating arrangements, Popcorn Furniture has emphasized on saving space more and to elevate children’s social skills. Collaborative seating basically means inclusion of different sized tables that allows various students to sit, chat and discuss at the same time. Furthermore, we have some basic furniture such as tables, chairs and tablet tables. From various options to choose from, you would be able to enhance the classroom layout in a much better way. The quality and comfort provided by our articles are just like cherry on the top!Focusing on the departments, we have libraries, auditoriums, laboratories, et cetera. Our auditorium furniture series are long lasting and trendy, letting students enjoy the events or fests at ease.Lastly, Popcorn Furniture has some really cool and pocket – friendly hostel furniture, helping you create a welcoming environment for the students.

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