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#popcornfurniture the most popular #school furniture manufacturers in India presents CL 102- Wall Unit in #computer lab range. This wall unit fits seamlessly with the entire range of products for computer lab. It is installed along the wall with soft boards. The variant helps in overhead storage utility.

Computers are an integral part of modern day life. Technology education is recognized as part of Learning Standards in schools. A computer lab in any school is an efficient way to deliver access to computers and the Internet to students.

Popcorn furniture as one of largest school furniture suppliers understands requirements of a modern computer lab that creates right learning environment for students, keeps the workstation clutter free and provides enough shuffling space.

Along the wall benching with soft boards

CL 102- Wall Unit in computer lab range is a robust unit that is installed along the wall. Wall mounting saves a lot of space inside the lab and makes the environment look vibrant.

Overhead Storage

CL 102- Wall Unit in computer lab range provides excellent overhead storage space. CDs, DVDs, books, stationeries etc can easily be stored in the wall unit.

Computer lab furniture

CL 102- Wall Unit in computer lab furniture range is colorful and looks pretty in any décor in a school computer lab.

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