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POSTS (School Furniture)

When we say ‘school furniture’, you think of desk and chair. However, breaking the conventional norm of student desk traditions, Popcorn Furniture, India’s largest school furniture manufacturers and suppliers, presents a refreshing range of indoor and outdoor furniture. And here, school furniture is not just restricted to what you think, but much beyond that.

Predominantly, schools focused on individual studies and achievements, rather than collaboration and active participation. We, at Popcorn Furniture have revolutionized and moved much beyond the era shifting from the ‘sit and learn’ pedagogy to experimenting with new models of learning. Collaborative, fun-learning, interactive, activity-based are the words of the day.

Keeping this in mind, Popcorn Furniture brings to you new-age school furniture that is designed to fully invoke the students’ senses.  Moreover, we create creative and unique spaces that allow students flexibility to move, work, and play in creative ways.

To sum it up, school furniture plays a pivotal role not only in student’s overall development and learning but also for the future of the school. Therefore, high quality furniture is a top priority and Popcorn Furniture serves you just right. Come and choose from a wide range of quality furniture including classroom furniture, library, cafeteria, laboratory, gymnasium and playground furniture with their unique functionalities. Visit for more details.