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Prioritizing Playschool Furniture & why

Before enrolling into pre-schools, many kids get the opportunity to be a part of ‘play schools’; a place where the toddlers are carefree and begin the process of personal evolution and growth. The activities carried out by the students play a major role in this, as well as the presence of good faculty within the premises.

But long gone are the days where the school curriculum was the only thing that mattered in a child’s education; recent researchers and conversations with several psychologists has helped determine other stuff that has an impact on toddlers’ improvement. One of the most obvious things is school furniture. The environment in which a kid learns to bloom is as essential as any other educational aspect followed by the administrators.

It is time to leave behind the traditional furniture set ups as effective, ergonomic and innovative school furniture is in trend! The aim is to create an ambience that welcomes the students and develop sense of comfort, fun and education at the same time. For starters, mobile furniture are the future for classroom layouts as it allows students to move around freely, promote body functioning and activeness. In addition to such assistance, these days the kindergarten furniture is expected to be of good quality; an equipment that offers convenience first and enhancement of classroom later.

Do not worry, Popcorn Furniture, your one-stop shop for buying school furniture and accessories, has it all covered for you! The team offers kindergarten furniture that meets ergonomic standards and is perfect for ‘every sized student’. Starting from desks and chairs, crafted with ‘out of the box’ ideas and much effort, these basic equipment supplies will not disappoint you or your classroom’s look. Being one of the leading school furniture manufacturers in India, Popcorn Furniture has focused on little detail that may impact a child’s surrounding. Hence the team has targeted kindergarten carpets too! From classic number carpets to space mats, we have it all! These catchy carpets will not only attracts a child’s attention, but also help learn basic academic things.

Furthermore, the team of Popcorn Furniture has managed to bring to you some really cool and creative wall décor items that help students stay focused and happy at the same time. Our wall décor ideas are not something to miss out on; these themed wall décor equips them to understand their outside world in a better way!

We also have some amazing play lofts for early learners and toddlers, consisting of fun-filled activities and interactive learning. Popcorn Furniture has a wide range of play lofts to choose from, each better than the other! We also have necessities regarding library rooms, cafeteria, art rooms, and storage units for both the faculty and kids!

Are you ready to have some new furniture in your play school? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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