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Professional Sanitization Services and Popcorn Furniture

Be it studying in a college, school or any other academic institution; cleanliness is now the utmost priority for the administrators. Now that teaching sessions have again turned into online classes, ample of time is available for the faculty to re-enhance the hygienic measures. Knowing that it is the need of the hour, it is imperative that you find some effective and convenient health services and assistances that not just only meet your requirements, but also help creating a safe ambience for everyone. 

Being India’s leading school furniture manufacturer and supplier, Popcorn Furniture has managed to think out of the box and decided to offer sanitization and disinfection services for schools and other educational institutions. The following are the list of some professional disinfection services offered by our team:

  • High level Disinfectants: Popcorn Furniture and team has several strong disinfectants that can be used as a spray or cleaner to disinfect surfaces, floors, doors, et cetera. For starters, we have Virex II, a high level alcoholic solution that can be used to on door knobs, gates, toilet seats, et cetera to make germ-free. In addition, we have SoftCare alcoholic rub that can be used at a hand sanitizer; they are totally safe for toddlers and children. Lastly, no-contact hand dispensers are available too!
  • Anti-Microbial Surface Treatment: With the aim to kill more than 95% of the germs and bacteria off the surface, our anti-microbial surface treatment consists of chemicals such as AEM5700 & US patented, which provides anti-viral and anti-microbial in one application! It is a non-toxic to humans, food safe and eco-friendly at the same time!
  • Herbal Non-Toxic Disinfectant: As the name suggests, this ‘not so harsh’ sanitization service can be done in human presence. It comprises of Ayurveda components along with Silver-Nano technology (AgNi) that carries the property of being anti-bacterial. These are an ideal choice to clean switch boards, knobs, railings, et cetera.
  • UVC Solutions: That’s right! The team of Popcorn has UVC sterilizers as well. These UVC sterilizers cover small or large areas, disinfecting the surface within an instant. Such technology is an ideal choice for the teachers to sanitize an area quickly and easily.
  • Infrared Thermal Solutions: An alarm supported and no-contact device machine that helps you to identify anyone with high temperature within seconds!  What’s more? It comes with a 6 months warranty.

All these services offered by Popcorn Furniture are assisted by a team of professionals that carry out these services with much love, hard work and scrutiny. Moreover, the team of Popcorn Furniture can collaborate with the school administrators and re-do these sanitization services per month or as per the requirement! Hence, bacteria free school premises for you and your children.

Still having second thoughts? We provide you this wide range of disinfection assistances as pocket friendly prices! 

Are you ready to welcome the students back to your school/college? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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