sanitization checklist for schools
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Sanitization Checklist for Schools

A place where majority of students spend most of their time is school or educational institution; the only fundamental premises where a child’s mental and physical state and well-being is formed, shaped and developed. A toddler’s habits and behavior are highly influenced by the environment in which he or she grows up and learns. Just as the teaching and learning methods of an institution are essential to build a child’s career, the ambience around him or her is important as well. 

sanitization checklist for schools

In the times where the unwanted situation of deadly novel coronavirus still persists, the need of the hour of the schools is to set-up sanitization procedures and practices within the premises. The closure of schools for almost a year has gravely affected the education sector of our country, leaving the future of the young generations and jobs of many teachers and other faculty members in ruins. The idea of re-opening the school is growing day – by – day, making students more excited to back to their ‘old normal lives’. However, as the situation of COVID-19 has not terminated yet, several schools, colleges and academic institutions have decided to finally to put in their focus towards disinfection and sanitization practices

But before finally opening the school gates again for your students, you need to look into the sanitization checklist provided by us in that will help you take care of your pupils and surroundings in the correct way. 

  1. Firstly and foremost, it is imperative that one identify and narrows down the important areas within the school premises, which are highly exposed and have higher chances of being in contact with any sort of virus of bacteria that might result in sickening a child. These areas can be desks, chairs, corridor stair cases, door handles et cetera. 
  2. A routinely sanitization check-up goes a long way. Not only will it reduce the chances of spreading of illnesses, but also provide with certain affirmation and guarantee. Hiring a professional cleaning service provider could be the solution of all your problems.
  3. Finally, give a sneak peak to the areas that you first overlooked! These probably may include office or janitor rooms, playgrounds et cetera, and voila! You now have a clean and germ free school premises, ready to welcome your students back to school. 

In these hard times, the team of Popcorn Furniture decided to think a little out of the box and extend hands towards the schools and other academic institutions. With much hard work and efforts, Popcorn Furniture has come up with professional hygiene and sanitization services and facilities that will make your school premises danger and virus free! The team is of the view that the current situation that has befallen on us has gravely affected everyone in incalculable ways, but that does not mean our daily learning life has to be stunted. From silver nano technology to usage of UVC Ultraviolet sterilizers, Popcorn Furniture has it all! 

Willing to know more about such amazing services? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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