sanitization practices in schools
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Sanitization Practices in Schools: How its importance has enhanced

When asked about mentioning something negative or an area of improvement for the schools, majority of Indian parents and their enrolled children point out only one problem: poor sanitization. Despite many government programs regarding the same issue, three-fourth of the schools and colleges in India lack basic sanitization infrastructure. Not only has it affected the educational outcomes, but also infected the children with many illnesses. 

sanitization practices in schools

Looking at the studies done by various researchers earlier, it was concluded that the hygiene sector of educational institutes and universities was ignored more than any other basic and mandatory responsibility by the staff. Due to lack of appropriate sanitization measures and practices, many children have undergone numerous unwanted diseases and illnesses, gravely affecting their immune system. These studies, researchers and collected date clearly show that poor sanitization services in schools have negatively impacted education. 

However, with the whole world suffering and struggling from the novel coronavirus, the schools have decided to finally emphasize on the importance of sanitization, health, cleanliness and hygiene within the premises. In addition to opting of the new normal by totally changing the teaching methods into online classes, school administrators and the government is focusing more on developing a basic infrastructure for sanitization in almost every academic institute.  

The lack of concern by education authorities has now been converted into the most important task for them. Closure of schools and colleges for more than eight months has demonstrated its not-so-positive effects on children, toddlers and teachers. Hence, various academic institutions are now attempting to prepare their premises more welcoming for the students by implementing necessary protection and safety services. With the hope of re-opening schools soon enough, education authorities are working hard to establish basic sanitization infrastructure, so that the ongoing vulnerable situation can be controlled and eliminated in the near future. 

Therefore, Popcorn Furniture and its team bring the best and professional sanitization and disinfection services to the schools in need. Especially designed according to an academic institution’s wants and needs, Popcorn Furniture provides an array of cleaning facilities along with disinfectant accessories and subsidiaries, which will be an ideal use for every school and college. By using silver-nano technology that is nature friendly and kills almost 99% of the germs, the biggest school furniture manufacturer company chose safety and hygiene over anything else. Bearing in mind the current scenario, Popcorn Furniture brainstormed ideas and has also come up with portable Ultraviolet UVC Light sterilizers that are easy to utilize and function as well. Besides, Popcorn Furniture gives you ample of options to choose the best and reliable school furniture that helps academic stakeholders to keep up the recent times. The team believes to be more than just what meets the eye.

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