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School/College Furniture Series

Education plays a major role in everyone’s lives. It helps us build a career, forms our personality and aids us to achieve a better life. Be it school or college, both the phases of life are imperative. And so is the furniture that is used within the premises. 

Teachers, aiders, faculty and administrators spend a good amount of time using the furniture in the educational institutes, but majority of the time, the students make use of these furniture. Recent studies and data show that equipment used within the classroom has a major impact on children’s growth; physically and mentally. These results clearly highlight how school furniture increases students’ engagement skills in unspoken ways!

Being the leading school furniture in India, Popcorn Furniture has taken into account these conclusions and the importance of these accessories in school. After much brainstorming and hard work, the team has come with trendy and innovative school furniture that meet ergonomic standards and helps you catch up with the modern times!

We provide furniture and other related assistances for both schools and colleges. Let us help you give a better walk though it. 

For starters, Popcorn Furniture provides double and single desk series, consisting of high-quality material and aims to provide comfort and ample of space for the students. In case of chairs, we have done our homework and come up with some seating arrangements that are not just innovative, but also cater every child’s need. During the school years, students develop and evolve their body formations at almost every stage, hence chairs that meets everyone’s requirements is tough to find, but we are here to solve that dilemma of yours! Our collaborative seating arrangements and chairs offer much more than what just meets the eye. This aiding equipment is designed in such a way that becomes an ideal choice for your classroom and every student in it!

As far as college furniture is concerned, Popcorn Furniture has emphasized on saving space more and to elevate children’s social skills. Collaborative seating basically means inclusion of different sized tables that allows various students to sit, chat and discuss at the same time. Furthermore, we have some basic furniture such as tables, chairs and tablet tables. From various options to choose from, you would be able to enhance the classroom layout in a much better way. The quality and comfort provided by our articles are just like cherry on the top! Focusing on the departments, we have libraries, auditoriums, laboratories, et cetera. Our auditorium furniture series are long lasting and trendy, letting students enjoy the events or fests at ease. Lastly, Popcorn Furniture has some really cool and pocket – friendly hostel furniture, helping you create a welcoming environment for the students.

Are you now willing to trust Popcorn Furniture when it comes to buying the best school/college furniture for your children? ? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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