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Desk and chair adjustable to comfortable heights of students:
Physical growth of the school children does not remain same for all. It varies from child to child. Similarly, every child has a unique body type in terms of height and weight. In the tender age when body needs proper sitting posture for long duration, one cannot ignore appropriate seating arrangement for school children. Apart from growth and development in children, comfortable and appropriate table and chair is required for their concentration in class. Inappropriate furniture and fixtures in the classroom act as a barrier to uninterrupted concentration. Popcorn furniture as a responsive school furniture manufacturer has come up with a number of variants within double desk series of school furniture, where the company provides furniture with height adjustable desk and chair. Popcorn 71 is one such important variant.

Box storage space for books & notebooks and a hook to hang school bag:
Popcorn 71 in the double desk series of school furniture carries box storage space for books and notebooks. There is a hook to hang the school bag. This important feature empowers the students with ample storage space on the desk so that they keep the tabletop clear for working in the classroom. With this feature, even the classroom ambience will be clutter-free. No bags or pile of books and notebooks will be seen on the tabletops or shabbily lying on the floor.

Durable, strong and safe:
Every school requires durable classroom furniture as it gets difficult to change them very often. Make of Popcorn 71 is in top quality material with durable seats, backs and desktops. Quality and durable material used in the furniture makes it safe for students. Sturdy and durable furniture will keep the students safe and school management free of safety worries.