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School Furniture Series of Popcorn Furniture

It’s been more than a year now; impact of the novel corona virus still keeps deepening in our lives. From our daily lifestyle to our work places, everything changed. However, people adapted to these sudden changes and came up with solutions to continue living the ‘new normal life’.

With things going back to normal, administrators are re-considering offline schooling for toddlers and youngsters. Welcoming the students back could be tough task, as they have spent a whole year, studying and performing activities at their homes. Calling them back school premises would be asking them come out of their comfort zone and be active again. 

Amongst all this chaos, we think that a make over of your classroom would be an attraction point for the students. Let’s face it; they would not like to come back to their old classrooms again. A sense of boredom will take over them, leaving them in despair and less interested than ever.

When we talk about arranging of stuff in the classrooms, we do not mean to create a picture where the school desks and chairs are arranged vertically and the toddlers are looking in the front towards a blackboard and the teacher. We intent to create an image where students are huddled together and can perform various activities together, helping in increasing one’s mental wellness. In such arrangements, the teacher has benefit: he or she can easily walk around the class, engage with the students in a better manner and keep a track on their activities.

Popcorn is a prominent furniture manufacturer in India that offers academic institutions with customised and comprehensible school furniture and decor equipment. Starting from sketching the primary plans, finalising order details to final shipment – Popcorn team creates a hassle-free experience for their customers. From the last two decades, Popcorn is appreciated for their relentless efforts to revolutionise the idea of modern furniture by adding smart dynamics to it. With much effort and hard work, the team has come up with some real basic, convenient and pocket friendly school furniture series!

Being India’s leading furniture company, Popcorn Furniture can be your one-stop-shop for all school furniture necessities and assistances. However, as we are talking about school furniture articles, we have some amazing things to offer! From single and double-desks options to collaborative seating, Popcorn furniture has it all. The team’s hard work is not just limited to classrooms; supplies and facilities for laboratories, libraries, canteens, et cetera are available as well. We at Popcorn Furniture aim to cater your smallest of needs, so we have enhanced out ideas and also introduced art-room supplies and soft seating furniture, providing nothing but comfort and easiness to the youngsters. For the faculty, the team has designed teacher’s corner series which includes shelves, storage units and many more things!

Are you ready to welcome back the students? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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