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Popcorn furniture, one of the largest school furniture manufacturers in India, designs, manufactures and installs chemistry lab set up for schools. The chemistry lab manufactured by Popcorn furniture is safe, low maintenance and user friendly on all respects. The chemistry lab set-up is well organized and is made to keep the area clean. It has glass reagent shelf that looks elegant and is easy storage for reagents. The storage space is fire retardant as the chemicals are stored and fire retardant storage space protects from any kind of mishaps. The chemistry lab set up is low maintenance too; it can be cleaned and maintained easily on daily basis. Chemistry lab set up by Popcorn furniture offers complete peace of mind and optimizes value on investments.

Popcorn furniture chemistry lab comes with glass reagent shelf. All the chemical and reagents can be labeled and kept on the glass reagent shelf for easy access and safety.

Popcorn furniture chemistry lab comes with fire retardant storage. The storage space for all the chemicals and solvents must have fire retardant feature to avoid any mishaps in the lab.

Popcorn furniture chemistry lab set up requires very low maintenance on regular basis. In becomes very easy to inspect, re-arrange and dispose off unwanted chemicals and containers. Post work, the entire area can be easily cleaned and maintained.

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