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Students & re-opening of schools

The COVID-19 outbreak has imposed a sense of awareness and hygiene across the globe. As the schools are on the verge of opening again, parents have been teaching their little ones to take care of themselves in terms of sanitization and safety. While it is important and mandatory for the schools to follow certain guidelines and procedures, in order to welcome back the students in the premises, it is essential that the toddlers, teenagers, as well as the faculty, take their safety within their own hands.

The basic measure followed by everyone is the famous hygiene trinity: distancing, washing and masking. However, a worrisome situation is: will students follow these rules always? As human beings, everyone makes mistakes, but this deadly virus is not something to mess with. Studies have shown that children below 3 years of age barely transfer this illness (or catch it), but they can be the virus carriers, which can invite an unwanted situation for the other members of the school, or their family. Moreover, coming back to school and meeting your friends after almost a year can be overwhelming for everyone.  Teenagers and young students may be aware and careful about their health, but the overwhelming part can give them away. In fact, teachers and other faculty members cannot invigilate the students twenty four- seven.

Hence, some of the ‘doable’ solutions are: creating awareness amongst the students about the importance of 3W’s, that is, wash your hands, watch your distance and wear your mask; allowing students to hang out in the playground at safe distance, so that they feel more comfortable and content; and lastly, routinely sanitization and disinfection of the school premises. Not only will it reduce the expose if the virus to the teachers, students and other members of the school to bare minimum, but also help in creating an ambience that is safe, hygienic, germ and danger – free.

But, where can you find such sanitization services?

Leave all your hygiene worries to Popcorn Furniture and team! The global pandemic of COVID-19 has played havoc with our normal lives, thus, we have extended our hands to adapt this ‘new normal’ and be more than just the best school and office furniture manufacturer in India. With much hard work and effort, the team of Popcorn Furniture has come up with professional hygiene, disinfection and sanitization services and facilities, which will keep your school and its premises an infection and illness – free area. Our anti-microbial surface treatments, herbal non – toxic services and much other assistance are not something to miss-out on. We offer routinely and continuous disinfection services that will make the environment a safer area to study and teach in. In addition to these amazing privileges, Popcorn Furniture provides with accessories and subsidiaries as well such as infra-red thermal solutions, UVC light sterilizers, et cetera. 

Wanting to know more about such services? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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